Asilah is a peaceful small city in the north of Morocco, or as some like to call it “ the second Chefchaouen”. Thanks to its tranquil beaches, Asilah gives off a feeling of relief and distress far from big crowded cities like Tangier and Tetouan. Asiah’s houses are colored in white with cute little stains of blue on the facets which add a tender touch of the Mediterranean architecture. As you walk through the alleys, you will not help but notice paintings full of shimmering colors that reflect the artistic aspect of the city and the remarkable talent of its inhabitants. Asilah invites you to discover its surprising Portuguese architecture by admiring the gate of the Medina, the « Torre de Menagem », « Bhoj Kriya », « the Great Mosque », « Raissouni Palace », the church of « San Bartholomew », and the marine cemetery. Asilah welcomes you with open arms to live an unforgettable journey enjoying its nature at Asilah Beach and “Paradise Beach Kaf Lahmam”  » . In other words, a moment of relaxation carefree.